Terra Farm
Organic Liquid Fertiliser

The world hosting around 7 milliards people the most merciless arena where more than 1 million people fight against hunger. Considering that the world population will reach 9 milliard people in 2050 as per the united nation population fund, the single and unsolvable matter that will come to the fore to solve hunger will be regret of humanity because of the damage we are giving on agricultural lands. The increasing food demand leads the manufacturers to grow more products with less quality. The unconscious applications conducted in the production the products growing at higher quantity unbalances the ecologic balances. The disturbance of ecologic cycle causes many other negativenesses. .

Healthier plants with amazing power of self and Resistant Plants..

Terra Farm brings together 100% Organic Liquid Fertiliser with privileged users.

In lands where Terra Farm liquid organic fertiliser is applied, the plants show a healthy growing, the crop increase thanks to fruit set and the disrupted balance of the earth and its natural flora. This fertiliser has no harmful effect on the nature and human health as it is organic at 100%. It ensures easy application as it is easy to use.


Organic Liquid Fertilizer

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