Terra Farm liquid organic fertiliser (100%) is natural and does not include any chemical substance made from industrial (artificial) sources. It is enriched with substances containing nitrogen, potassium, phosphor obtained from natural ways and contains amino acids, enzymes, useful bacteria, humic fulvic acids as well as trace amount of micro elements. It is a product usable securely with systems such as guttation, irrigation, fogging.
*The application mode and dose to be applied may differ according to the type and characteristics of the field.
*For more details please contact us.


In greenhouse, the first application shall start after seedling planting.
Terra A1 fertiliser shall be applied through irrigation 2 times with an interval of 5-7 days.
Terra F2 fertiliser shall be pulverised on green parts 2 times with an interval of 5-7 days for the period from flowering to fruit set.
As soon as the first fruits are seen, Terra P3 shall be pulverised on green parts 2 times with an interval of 5-7 days.
All along fruit ripening period, Terra FAP4 shall be pulverised on leaves 2 times with an interval of 3-4 days.
Terra FAP4 fertiliser shall be applied through guttation irrigation system 2 times with an interval of 7-10 days and Terra P3 shall be applied on leaves 2 times with an interval of 7-10 days.
Fertilisation operations shall continue all along production period.

It is used by mixing 1 litre of product inside 100 litres for 1 decare for application through pulverisation.
For application with guttation and irrigation system, the product shall be mixed so as to obtain 2 litres for 1 decare.

  • It is suggested that the earth is humid before fertilisation application.
  • The pulveriser or atomiser to be used for fertilisation shall be washed and thoroughly cleaned before usage.
  • YIn case of weed pesticide or chemical product to protect plants, they shall be cleaned with soft soap or soapy water.
  • As the pores will be closed in order to prevent water loss when the sun is straightened up, the fertilisation shall be done early in the morning and in the evening during windless conditions.
  • Terra Farm The tools shall be thoroughly rinsed before using Terra Farm organic fertilisers. After filtering the product with a proper filter, it shall be mixed into fertilisation tank or depot.

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