Terra Farm

Terra Farm agricultural products was founded in 2010 based on company ethics and values and conducts its activities within a campus of 15000 m2found in Sakarya with an annual production capacity of 18.800 tons of organic liquid fertiliser. Terra Farm Agricultural Products that is one of the limited organic liquid fertiliser manufacturers in the world with regard to production processes and production quality, meets quality organic liquid fertiliser needs requested whether in the country and abroad.

First of all, we have two privileged facts about life; know someone’s or something worth and fidelity.. Not only our business, but also all of our relations, friendships, in short all layers of our life are our values that make us “human”. A life formed with non-political, real and sincere emotions. Exactly like “good agriculture" means “good life". Useful works done with good people. Moreover, this shall be a relation between us and the world created with a perfect system just like a mother always feeding her babies. The nature is like a mother for human being that give as much as it takes and takes as it gives.. There is no politic and lie in nature, all kinds of fidelity and value return to us at one hundred percent, just like the life and living. There is a new need arising nowadays; protect the nature against human. We, considering the necessity to increase everything that is organic with this conscious and awareness, we take this as goal for future generations, for a "good heritage".. If one day this planet will be used up and get angry with us, we do what we do to be able to say at least we have done our parts.. For a world free from all kinds of frauds, for healthy strong generations, for be fed with love again, our hope relies on the nature "nature is true"!..